Sisterenity Holistic Life Coaching


"Moving from a life you live, to a life you love"

Meet Rosilyn and Sharon

Sisterenity Coaching is a Holistic Life Coaching Business run by two dynamic sisters that believe everyone has the right to grow and transform at whatever level they desire.


Just think of how your life would look if you could have all the things you are passionate about and dream of - from abundant income, health and fitness, loving relationships, a great boss, a great career, be your own boss or just enhance the life you already have and love. It is all possible, available and achievable. Truly it is! We are living proof that you can be whatever you want, follow your own dream and be happy in all you do.


We truly believe that coaching can help people because true change that will be permanent and long lasting can only come from within. So come find us and talk with us…..your own magical journey awaits you!

What is Holistic Life Coaching?


As the name suggests Holistic as in whole or all things included; Life meaning your life; Coaching meaning someone to assist you to find answers to whatever your problem is, in whatever area of your life it is restricting you, preventing you from achieving those things you want or believe you should have from a good paying job, to a great relationship, good health and fitness or to just improving on a life you already enjoy...

Our Coaching Services


Our training with the Enlightened Coaching Code Healing System™ using Life Coaching, NLP, Energy Healing and Psychic Healings and Archetypal Coaching® Qualifications has allowed us to tailor our coaching services:

       -   One on One Coaching

       -   Couples Coaching

       -   Career Coaching

       -   Personal Transformation

       -   Passion and Purpose

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, your assistance in healing my past trauma which I thought I had dealt with has led me to refresh and see things differently.... Through our sessions with your profound wisdom and sense of knowing you helped me to change my subconscious to assist me be a better person and be in the flow creating all my desired goals and ambitions more effectively.

I am so grateful for your guidance and assistance, I know the profound effect your teaching is having for me and the people around me. I’m sure this is what you hear from all your clients, I just cannot thank you enough.